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House Rules

The Glamp-Inn Kapolcs is designed in a cultured, relaxed environment, providing excellent rest, recreation and other leisure activities for its guests.
One of the indispensable conditions for this is that our guests staying with us comply with some of the precepts contained in the House Rules.
It is the duty of the person charged by Glamp-Inn Kapolcs to enforce the House Rules, but the damages and inconveniences of non-compliance are solely and exclusively incurred those who breach of the Rules.
The matters are does not include in the House Rules are governed by the General Terms and Conditions (ÁSZF).

  • 1. Rental / Check-In / Check-Out +

    1.1 In the case of rental tents the check-in time between 2 PM and 7 PM on the day of arrival. Please be kind to notice the late Check-In at the reception desk via phone or e-mail on the arrival date. Check-out time is 11 AM on the day of departure. In the case of late check-out, the additional costs specified in the the General Terms and Conditions.

    1.2 In the case of camping pitches the check-in is possible after 8 AM on the day of arrival and the tents must be disassembled on the day of departure not later than 11 AM.

    1.3 Glamp-Inn Kapolcs do not charge deposit for the rented tents but the guest will be responsible for damages resulting from the non-intended use.

    1.4. The registration obligation must be completed by personal identification documents, driver’s licence or passports. In the absence of these, check-in may be refused by the receptionist.

    1.5 Paying the accommodation bill is the mandatory part of check-out process not later than 11 AM on the departure day. In the case of late check-out or payment extra fee will be charged and billed.

    1.6 Our guests are kindly requested to inform the reception desk in advance about visitors. Unannounced visitors can only be in the restaurant area not in the tent area. The representative of Glamp-Inn Kapolcs could be ask the unannounced visitors to leave tent areas immediately. Announced visitors may stay in the tents not later than 11 PM, in the case of later stay extra fee will be charged and billed for the guest.

  • 2. Parking +

    2.1. Parking in the facility is allowed only the guests of Glamp-Inn Kapolcs for a parking ticket. The parking fee is included in our current price list.

    2.2. Parking can only be placed in designated area. Please do not leave your valuables in the vehicles, Glamp-Inn Kapolcs will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from theft.

    2.3 For car traffic on the facility area is subject to the respective Hungarian Road Traffic Regulations (KRESZ) and Glamp-Inn Kapolcs does not take any responsibility for damages and inconveniences cause by non-compliance.

    2.4. Car washing is not allowed on the area of Glamp-Inn Kapolcs.

  • 3. General regulation for campsite use +

    3.1 Please place your tent or caravan only the place designated by the reception desk of Glamp-Inn Kapolcs during check-in.

    3.2 For minors (up to age 5-12) their parents or adult attendants are responsible. Please pay very close attention to their children.

    3.3 The water blocks in the area of the facility are requested to be culturally and purposefully used, otherwise the guest may be liable for damages caused.

    3.4 Please use the other equipments of the facility properly and report any malfunctions or equipment failure to the reception desk immediately.

    3.5 We give/take over the rented tent and all its accessories according to a list to/from our guests at the check-in/out time. The guest is liable for any missing accessories or damage caused by negligent use. The facility does not take responsibility for valuables placed in tents.

    3.6 Please leave the objects found at the reception desk. Objects found can be taken over at the reception dek. The legitimate owner could take over the object by showing identity card and signing the handover receipt.

    3.7 Please avoid noising and other disturbing behaviour in the facility during siesta time (12-3 PM) and after 10 PM. At the same time we would like to inform you that during the period of Müvészetek Völgye Festival we can not accept any complain about louder music, noise or clamour. Please acknowledge in the spirit of mutual patience and tolerance that this 10 days is about partying. Thanks for your understanding!

    3.8 The facility is dog-friendly, but dogs can only be kept on a leash. We kindly ask the dog owners to protect hygiene of the environment, the rented and other guest tents from dogs. Failure to do so will result compensation obligation and terminate the accommodation service. With responsible dog keeping, we can avoid the inconveniences of non-dog guests.

    3.9 Any deliberate damage to the facility, to the environment or to any equipment, installation is subject to legal sanctions and financial liability. Glamp-Inn Kapolcs reserves the right not to accept scandalously behaving guests or to remove them from the site immediately without any financial compensation.

    3.10 Glamp-Inn Kapolcs and the operator company of the facility shall not be liable of any loss, damage or theft of values. Especially not liable for damages caused by natural disasters, fire or incidents of force majeure or vis major.

    3.11 Littering is forbidden and penalty fee will be impose. Selective waste collection is strongly requested and recommended in designated containers. Please strictly enhance the natural values inside and outside the facility.

    3.12 In case of extreme weather the operator of the facility may order the dismantling of the tents and the possible evacuation of the area. In the legal sense, in this case, the relevant vis major provisions apply.

  • 4. Smoking and fire lightning +

    4.1 Smoking in rented and guest tents is strictly forbidden! Failure to do so will result compensation obligation and terminate the accommodation service.

    4.2 Smoking is allowed only in designated area of the facility. We kindly ask our smoker guests to keep the smoking area clean and dispose the cigarette stubs into the designated containers. Please strictly respect the rules, smoking outside the designated area may cause penalty to the facility.

    4.3 Campfire can only be placed at the designated fire place. After finish please completely extinguish the fire, to avoid fire hazard. Please contact the front desk before collecting fire.

    4.4 In case of fire, please inform reception desk and the fire department immediately.

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